Sunday, July 10, 2011

2011 Vorsteiner V-PT Edition Porsche Panamera

 Vorsteiner unveiled their V-PT aerodynamics package for the Porsche Panamera. The Vorsteiner V-PT Edition Porsche Panamera body kit consists of V-PT Front Bumper Package, V-PT Side Skirts, V-PT Rear Bumper Package, V-PT Ducktail Spoiler, V-PT Titanium sport Exhaust, V-309 3-Piece Concave Forged Wheels, Michelin PS2 Performance Tires.

  key visual aspect of the V-PT package was achieved by sculpting a highly sophisticated rear bumper cover. It combines three major components. The first one is two vertical ventilation slits that aid in extracting heat from the exhaust system and trapped air behind the wheel arches. The second component is the carbon fiber diffuser. It provides additional down force to the rear axel at Autobahn speeds. The final key design to the V-PT rear bumper cover is our newly developed sub-panel which replaces the factory felt unit. It ensures undisturbed airflow extraction through the V-PT rear diffuser.
The last piece of the V-PT package is purely about performance. The V-PT exhaust is constructed from a choice of stainless steel or titanium, the latter boasts a weight savings of up to 40% over the stock exhaust system.
Watch the Vorsteiner V-PT Edition Porsche Panamera on video below.