Monday, July 18, 2011

2011 Kicherer Mercedes-Benz GL 42 Sport Black

 The KICHERER GL 42 Sport Black special edition based on a Mercedes Benz GL 420 CDI is powered accordingly by a 4.2 liter V8 common rail turbo diesel engine; in the series state, it has 306 HP and 700 Newton meters as maximum torque. The performance improvement by KICHERER provides the GL 42 Sport Black with a full 380 HP and 900 Newton meters on the thick crankshaft. The additionally installed KICHERER PowerConverter also sharpens the electronic gas pedal characteristic curve, causing the heavy vehicle to react even more spontaneously to acceleration commands and enabling powerful acceleration from the very bottom. The two end pipes of the two-pipe sports exhaust system give off a deeply evil roar.

The serial Airmatic chassis was also given a more sportive characteristic curve, making the GL 42 Sport Black comparatively light on it wheels when going around bends of any size. The Vogue complete wheel set consisting of 10×22 inch wheel rims and XXL size 295/35R22 tires also essentially contributes to the new driving dynamics.
For a sportive look, KICHERER retrofitted the GL 42 Sport Black, which is completely covered in matte black exclusive foil, with its own off-road package. The grille and all the Mercedes stars and decorative strips are now black to perfect the SUV’s “bad boy” look. KICHERER also improved the cockpit with the contoured ergonomic sports steering wheel.