Monday, August 1, 2011

2012 Nissan GT-R Egoist

 EGOIST is the first and only Nissan GT-R in the world exclusively created by Takumi, or “master with greatest skills.” Each customer can choose a combination of interior colors among 20 choices. In addition, the Bose® sound system is exclusively tuned according to the driving position of each driver to meet every customer’s needs. This is the ultimate expression of the Nissan GT-R.

 Customers can choose a combination of interior colors among 20 choices, four upper area interior colors and 10 lower area interior colors. Interior parts are sent to Seton Company, Inc. Muelheim an Der Ruhr in Germany and leather master craftsmen sew and stick carefully selected leather by hand.
Seats are an exclusive quilted design with single and double stitching combined in a reticular pattern. Enhanced body grip performance (suitable for racing circuit driving), smoothness and fit are all provided.
Wajima Maki-e with deep coloring and glaze created by Mr. Sakai Kubota, an accredited traditional craftsman for Japanese lacquer, is used for the GT-R emblem at the center of the steering wheel. The beautiful coloring of Maki-e changes as time goes by.
Specially developed carbon composite-based woofers, which can cancel vibrations through their high rigidity and damping, are installed. In addition, sound quality is adjusted by Bose® exclusively for each owner, depending on individual driving position.
EGOIST adopts a dry carbon rear spoiler (also used in the Spec V). Providing stable aerodynamic performance, even when driving at more than 300km/h, the rear spoiler gives an intense look in the rear with its black carbon color.
Lightweight and highly rigid forged aluminum-alloy wheels, also used in the Spec V, reduce un sprung weight and help provide a supple ride feel. Newly developed five-layer Blue Sword Chrome Color Coating is adopted.
EGOIST uses a Titanium exhaust system, also used in the Spec V, providing agile accelerator response and a clear, exhilarating exhaust sound.